A pair of inept burglars were arrested after apparently butt-dialing 911 while fleeing the scene of a burglary at a Best Buy near Houston, Texas on Saturday because one of them kept his phone in the stupidest place you can keep your phone – the back pocket. Keeping it under your armpit or between your butt cheeks is a better choice than the back pocket.

The men are alleged to have robbed a Best Buy in Sugar Land, Texas, at about 3 a.m. While responding to an alarm at the store, dispatch received a 911 call in the area. But instead of a caller, they heard only background noise.

Authorities said they tracked the cellphone to a car traveling toward Houston from the suburban electronics store and started to pursue it. Both suspects were arrested after a high-speed chase and stolen laptops were found inside the car.

“[He] somehow butt-dialed 911, they put it all together, officers were already en route to the alarm call when they got the other 911 call,” a communications officer for the Houston Police Department told Houston ABC station KT.

For all of those whose new year´s resolution includes a decision to be less active in 2019, taking part in the Boerne 0.5K run, which takes place every May in Boerne, Texas, might be worth considering.

The event starts at a brewery and ends at another brewery with coffe and doughnut station and a smoking area at the halfway marker. The race also features:

  • A Euro oval-style sticker reading “0.5K” you can stick on your car to show everyone you are a better person
  • Participating medals for everyone.
  • Live music at two breweries along the route.
  • A bagpipe player giving a wheezing rendition of “Amazing Grace.”
  • A VIP pass which gives participants the chance not to run at all, but ride the route in a 1963 Volkswagen bus.
  • A medical tent

The event is officially sanctioned by the SLACR, the Society for Lazy and Carefree Runners and all the profits go to
charity Blessings in a Backpack, a non-profit that provides food on the weekends for school kids who need it.

You have five whole months to prepare for the race so take off your Fitbit, throw it on the floor and step on it. Then have a beer or five.