You win some, you lose some. Although “you lose some, you lose some” would probably be the more appropriate idiom here. A man from Washington state experienced a lose/lose situation when his car was stolen while he was busy robbing the business across the street.

At around 6:00a.m. Sunday, Kennewick Police responded to reports of an auto theft. The owner of the vehicle, William Kelley, called police saying that someone had stolen his red, 1992 Chevy pick-up. According to police, a man noticed that Kelley had left his keys behind on the seat and stole the truck.

After surveillance video was analyzed, police discovered that the reason Kelley had left his truck was because he was  stealing items from a business across the street.

Kelley was of course booked in the Benton County jail on a warrant and a new burglary charge. He car was not found.