In the past few weeks, a British family has been making headlines first in New Zealand and then all over the world. The 16 members of the Doran clan, who were on holiday there, have been accused of trashing a beach, leaving a restaurant without paying and damaging their accommodation during their time away. Four of the group’s members were served with deportation liability notices and one member was charged with assault with a weapon and reckless driving fraud by dishonestly using a document.

Doran family offspring photographed in Auckland

They first appeared in the headlines when they were accused by locals of leaving their trash on Takapuna beach and it all went downhill from there. Apart from the above-mentioned incidents, a young boy belonging to the clan has also made it into the news with his charming behavior. When they were confronted by the locals on Takapuna beach, the boy was heard saying that he “will knock the brains out” of a woman. The little angel was also caught on camera stealing a Christmas tree from an Auckland gas station.

Larry Doran, the patriarch of the family, of course, denies everything and claims that they are victims of an evil xenophobic plot to stop them from seeing the Hobbits. “We wanted to see the Hobbits, Lord of the Rings, didn’t get to see that. We couldn’t go nowhere.”

“I’ve paid for this holiday for me and my wife and we got blamed for things. It’s lies, they’ve condemned us. We’ve been hiding in the mountains for two days. You couldn’t call it a holiday the way we were treated. We are going to the Citizens Advice people and the Human Rights people.”

They became so infamous that even the mayor of Auckland called them “a bunch of a**holes” during a radio interview. “Sorry for the spirited language. These guys are trash. They are leeches,” he told 95bFM. “I just saw what they did on Takapuna Beach… We know who they are. I’ve asked the council to follow up because I want to see them loaded with an infringement fine for trashing our country” the mayor said.

I think it is a real shame they didn’t get to see the cute little hobbits.