This entitled country girl seems to be an expert.

And maybe kill some people when it is done dancing.

Police in Germany says avian divine intervention saved a speeding driver from getting a ticket. The miracle happened when a pigeon photobombed a traffic camera at just the right moment. Viersen police said “the Holy Ghost must have had a plan” to help the driver.

Just as the radar clocked the driver at 54 km/h in a 30km/h zone and the camera flashed, the pigeon flew in front of the car, obscuring the face of the driver with its spread wings concealing the necessary evidence of who was at the wheel.

Police say “thanks to the feathered guardian angel,” the driver was spared a 105 euro fine but should take it as “a sign from above” to slow down.

I didn’t know God has time for saving speeding drivers from tickets. He should probably consider reassessing what his priorities are.

Authorities say a Florida man impersonating an officer turned on the red and blue lights on his car and unknowingly tried to stop a car with a real officer.

Matthew Erris, 26, was arrested on a charge of impersonating a public officer.

The arrest report says Erris turned on the red and blue lights on his SUV in Plant City, Florida, to try to stop the car in front of him.

The driver was an undercover Hillsborough County sheriff’s detective in an unmarked car. He didn’t pull over. Instead, he called dispatchers to alert other deputies, who later stopped Erris. It is not known why Erris tried to stop the car, but he did admit using the lights to get through heavy traffic.