A family in the northern province of Tekirdağ has again been hospitalized for food poisoning after a dinner party they organized to show gratitude to God for helping them get over their earlier illness. 

The family served the animal they had sacrificed as a show of gratitude to God to their friends and neighbors at the dinner party, causing a total of 25 people to suffer from food poisoning, Anadolu Agency reported. The family had first suffered from stomach aches after having dinner that Asiye Erdal, Alattin Erdal’s wife cooked and were hospitalized for a week.

“We don’t get it. First we were poisoned and then sacrificed an animal for God as a sign of gratitude for gaining our health back. Then we were poisoned once again, as well as the neighbors. May God save us from the worst. Food poisoning became our nightmare” said Alattin Erdal, a member of the family, adding they couldn’t make sense of what had happened.

Maybe they should have thanked the doctors who saved them and not God, who obviously doesn`t care about the Erdals. Since the wife cooked both of the meals, maybe they should also have a serious conversation with her, either about hygiene and how you should wash your hands after wiping your ass or about why she wants to kill them.

What an explosive title! What a bold statement! And in true clickbait media fashion, it does not have much to do with the actual article, but considering you are reading these lines, it definitely worked. Do you feel stupid now?

Anyway, the real title of the movie is Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, or The Man Who Saves the World. It was made in 1982 by director Çetin Inanç. Videos were available online, but it was thought that all 35mm copies were lost until American film historian Ed Glaser discovered a copy and restored it for the big screen.

What made the movie most famous is its brazen theft of footage from Star Wars: A New Hope. It also borrows footage from other sci-fi movies, as well as music scores from movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark. More importantly, it is included on Wikipedia’s list of the worst films ever made making it a timeless classic that everyone should watch.

You can learn about the incredible story of how the film was made—including how its makers spliced in the necessary (but unaffordable) special effects from a “borrowed” copy of the real Star Wars in the video below. The full movie is available on YouTube.