Doorbell surveillance cameras in Henrico County, Virginia captured a man with a TV set over his head, leaving older TV sets  on people’s front porches and just walking off. The ancient devices were found at more than 50 homes.

“He wants to be known as the TV Santa Claus. I don’t know. We got an old tube-style TV, 13 inch- I thought my son brought it home, but apparently not. They had way too much time on their hands if they had all these TV’s and spread them all over the neighborhood. It’s summer, and people are getting ready to go back to school. Maybe TV man was just ready to strike and put a little humor in our lives.” said homeowner Jim Brooksbank.

Officers and county workers spent Sunday morning picking up the old units and hauling them away.

This is the second time the police and residents had to deal with the TV set mystery. The same thing happened in a different neighborhood last August. According to Henrico Police, the only crime committed was illegal dumping.

Considering that in a lot of US towns you have to pay 25 dollars to dispose of an old TV, this little stunt saved TV Head a lot of money.

Japanese TV never disappoints.

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I have only seen the trailer and cannot give an informed and objective review of the show so I will let IMDB user mlg-t888 do it:

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