The Romanian witch community has embraced the 21st century and started scamming people for their money through messaging apps.

“Repeat after me! To be together with who I want,” a family of Romanian witches chanted via a video call to a client in India paying for a love spell which is supposed to bring back her love to her.

Superstision and stupidity know no borders and these crafty witches are using that to earn a lot of money.

“A truly powerful witch can solve problems from a distance,” blatantly lies 20-year-old witch Cassandra Buzea.

“It’s not the phone or Facebook that are doing the magic. It’s the words that we’re saying, the rituals that we’re doing and it’s enough to look each other in the eye for the ritual to work.”

The witches work with customers from all over the world. They would not say how much they earn, but a tarot reading starts at 50 euros and some special rituals can last weeks and require multiple video calls.

So don´t let your geographical location stop you from being stupid. Pick up your phone, facetime some Romanian witches and give them your money because life is too short for being smart.