It seems that not only humans lead lives worthy of Trash TV talk shows. AP reports that a paternity test on a baby orangutan has come back with a surprising result. Basel Zoo in Switzerland said on Thursday that the test showed 5-month-old Padma wasn’t fathered by the male in her enclosure.

Keepers routinely take DNA samples from newborn orangutans because the endangered great apes are part of a breeding program. Researchers at Basel University’s forensic laboratory compared Padma’s DNA to that of Budi, a 14-year-old male living in the same enclosure as the baby’s mother, Maja. They found it didn’t match Budi’s DNA. Instead, it matched 18-year-old orangutan Vendel, who lives in the next enclosure.

It appears that for Maja and Vendel the dividing fence was no obstacle to getting intimate with each other. Another piece of evidence proving that love truly knows no borders.