Bob Weighton, a former teacher and engineer from England is a very wise man. He recently turned 111 years old and marked the occasion with an interview in which he said many wise things.

He explained why he did not want to get a birthday card from the Queen anymore: “I do not see why the state should pay for the Queen to send out all these things, it’s not a personal thing. I thought that’s enough, but I might consider another one next year if I live that long.”

When asked for the secret of his long life, he joked: “By avoiding dying – there’s no reason otherwise. I have had the usual scares, flu, influenza, malaria, two or three operations; I ought to be dead but I am a survivor, if you like.”

As for his view on Brexit, he described it as a “mess and a muddle” adding: “My own feeling is that if there were defects, and there were quite obviously defects, we can negotiate on the inside rather than walking off the field with the cricket ball and saying ‘I’m not playing’.”

Happy birthday Mr. Weighton!

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