A woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly trespassing at CIA headquarters for three days in a row and asking to speak with “Agent Penis,”.

Jennifer G. Hernandez attempted to enter the agency in Langley, Va., four times through the main vehicle entrance by telling a CIA officer that she had applied for a job there and had been invited by a recruiter.

On April 22, Hernandez tried to enter the vehicle entrance on foot. She came back in a Lyft on May 1 and then returned in an Uber on May 2.

When Hernandez returned on May 3 she asked for an ID card she had left there while inquiring to speak with an “Agent Penis,” the report said. She refused to leave and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge. At the time of writing this amazing piece of news, it was still not known who exactly agent Penis is and what he had told her. I would really like to know.

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