Martin Big, a 31-year-old “model and actress” desperately looking for attention has yet again appeared on a British morning show where she spoke about her plans to hold the world record for having 20-liter implants in each breast.

Martina became famous some months ago when she claimed she can have black babies with her husband, despite them both being white Germans who changed their skin color with injections.

At the moment, Martina is 10 centimeters away from having the biggest boobs in the world, but that will soon change.

“The actual record holder has nine liters in each breast,” she explained. “But my implants, the biggest breast implants in the world are custom made and they weigh 20 liters each side.”

The hosts tried to talk her out of such an endeavor by having her hold two-gallon water bottles and asking her if she wants to carry that weight every day, but she would not be dissuaded. Martina insisted that she will be able to manage that weight with training.

Her existing implants will be gradually enlarged by filling more saline solution into an opening near her armpit. “Step by step, I’m going to try. In the future, it will work for every day.” That’s the attitude, Martina. You go, girl!




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