Well, it is a dead child doll so you cannot really blame them for making this mistake. Felicity Kadlec Rossi, 20, from Oklahoma married the doll after an “emotional and intimate” seven-year relationship. Since going public with her love for the doll, who Felicity says is called Kelly Rossi and is 37, she has received messages of hate from people believing her wife is a dead child.

She has contacted the local police force in Vinita, Oklahoma and asked them to verify that it is in fact a doll and not a dead child.

Felicity said: “I decided to go to the police because I was told that people were calling the cops saying that my wife was a dead child. Even when I was telling people that she is just a doll people weren’t believing me, so I decided to go to the police to get some verification. When I was there the police confirmed that she was just a doll, and we posed up for a picture stating this so that I could share it on social media. I am sick of people thinking that Kelly is a child and insinuating that I like children, so I knew I had to get this clarified to put an end to these claims.” No, Felicity. You don´t like children. You just like inanimate zombie dolls, but mostly you just like the attention.

During her visit to Vinita Police station on 28 March, Felicity took a photograph with Kelly and a policeman who was holding a sign stating, “Vinita police checked it out. It’s just a doll.” The policeman must have been very happy to do that.

Felicity also said: “Kelly was created as a Halloween doll and wasn’t created to have any likeness to a child – she’s just a zombie. I knew that I had to get the police to check the situation out to help me move on with my relationship with Kelly. Ever since people have called me a pedophile I have had a hard time being affectionate with Kelly.”

I´m not sure what to say to this. Good luck to the newly wedded couple, I guess?

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